The Hub is run by an enthusiastic team of Erasmus University students who are connected by their devotion to sustainability and making a meaningful difference in our university community. Our ideas and projects evolve from the local issues that we observe on campus, as well as the global issues that we are personally passionate about. But the inspirations for what we do are not limited to our own observations and passions - we invite any student or staff member who has an idea to connect with us, so we can realize the vision for a better future together.


Given our mulitple sources of inspiration, our projects and events are diverse and tackle various issues of social and evironmental sustainability. We also exercise the distinct interests and skill sets of each team member, who acts as team leader for a given endeavor and plays a supporting role in the others.


Collectively, our team brings initiatives to the Erasmus Unviersity community to showcase the many forms that sustainability thinking and behavior can take. Below are snapshots of some of the on-campus events we did last year, and more can be found through the Our Projects and Events tabs.

What The Health


Film screening with special guest Director Kip Andersen

Clothing Swaps


An EURWardrobe event to promote sustainable shopping behaviour

City cleanup x Plogging


Making a meaningful difference within our community by raising awareness on our consumption behaviour with reoccuring ploggin events!




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We work with the conviction that the smallest of acts can be enormously consequential - it is simply a question of emboldening those around us with information and enthusiasm. Changing minds and lifestyles for improved sustainability can be accomplished in creative and sometimes surprising ways, and we make it our purpose to make the transition to sustainable alternatives smoother and enlightening. Our strategies for doing so draw on four corners of inspiration:

Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 goals determined by the United Nations highlight global sustainability issues and guide our new initiatives and targets.

Personal Passions

Sustainability issues that are particularly close to our hearts allow us to direct and dive into projects with full dedication.

Observations On Campus

We identify local issues to take meaningful action; we focus predominantly on inciting improved awareness and behaviorial change in our community.

Ideas From Students & Staff

Our door is open for others to share their own observations and ideas with us, and together we can develop and implement solutions.





If you feel particularly drawn to one of our current projects or upcoming events - or if you would generally like to engage in sustainability initiatives - you can request to be put on our list of volunteers. As a volunteer, you:

can expand our manpower for larger-scale programs,

can take on organizational responsibilities,

enhance your interpersonal skills,

contribute to solutions that you care about,

and be part of a dynamic team.




and it often creates discord, but when people come together for the good of humanity and the earth, we can accomplish great things.




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Food Sector: Big Industry vs. Small Makers

January 10th, 2019


Sustainability, between theory and practice

January 18th, 2019


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