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Milieudefensie "College Tour"

Milieudefensie will hold a guest lecture about corporate accountability, with a particular focus on deforestation. The organization will elaborate on industrial issues, give examples of active local groups, and provide students with an action perspective.


Red Star: Field Trip and Workshop

We are organizing a field trip to visit the Red Star greenhouses and learn how this company combines sustainability and large-scale tomato farming. Following the greenhouse visit, we will have a vegan cooking workshop where participants can learn various tomato-based recipes with tomatos brought fresh from the greenhouse.




Past Events

Thrift Hub: XL

We are expanding our Thrift Hub concept to incorporate ALL second hand items that students have going unused, giving them the opportunity to be traded and re-used by someone else! A student-to-student flea market will be held on campus, promoting the idea of revaluing and repurposing everyday items, from clothes, to books, and more!

Sustainble Social: Christmas Edition

As students started to buckle down for the exam period, we opened our doors to have a cozy indoor social with warm drinks and a vegan cookie-baking workshop. Students came by for the perfect study break where they could hang out, learn a new recipe, and de-stress with some hot chocolate and cookie decorating. For those who could not make it, we baked every last gram of dough and handed out the remaining cookies to students in the library. The Christmas spirit was officially on campus!


Climate Change Negotiation Simulation (CCNS)

In partnership with the Erasmus University College (EUC), The United Nationas Netherlands and BlueCity 010, the Hub hosted the second edition of the Climate Change Negotiation Simulation (CCNS), based on the official Model United Nations (MUN). The event simulated international negotiations along the framework of the conference of the parties (COP), where student participants took on various roles spanning country delegates, NGOs and corporations.

Circular Economy Panel Discussion

We invited four local companies to come and dive into deeper disucssions about how the circular economy works in practice and the particular challenges that startups face, with the intention to inspire students who want to become circular economy entrepreneurs. This event had the prupsoe of sparking students┬┤ ideas for the 2017 Clinton Global Initiative and Hult Prize challenges. Networking over drinks followed, where students engaged in personal discussions with the entrepreneurs.

BlueCity site visit, tour and drinks

BlueCity is a community of innovative companies and entrepreneurs that work in the same location and demonstrate how a circular economy can work. Students enjoyed a private tour and social drink to learn about the concepts and businesses, and networked with the people behind them.


Apple Picking & Vegan Baking Workshop

For interested students and staff, we arranged a private bus that brought us to a local orchard, where we received a tour and took the chance to pick our own apples! The weather was on our side, so we could enjoy the fresh air and socialize under the sun. Afterwards, the bus returned to campus where our group followed a workshop and used the freshly-picked apples as ingredients for personalized vegan dishes. Attendees could literally enjoy the fruit of their labor by preparing some delicious apple pies, which they could personalize and bring home afterwards.


Sustainable Social

We opened our office doors to EUR students and staff for a relaxed social evening. Our invitation was threefold: we invited our guests to discover the newly founded Thrift Hub and its growing collection of clothing, to indulge in some delicious snacks provided by the Foodlab, and to get to know our team on a more personal level over drinks. We really enjoyed seeing new faces and getting to know you!

Zero Hunger Day

The Hub collaborated with the local food bank, Voedselbank Rotterdam, to raise awareness and action regarding Sustainable Development Goal #2. Our office served as a collection point for food donations, and we were a medium through which students could get informed and volunteer to help.

Eurekaweek 2017

Our team was present during the introductory days hosted by Erasmus University for all incoming students. In addition to being available for any inquiries, we presented sneak peeks into some of our upcoming events and successfully recruited new volunteers! Sneak peeks included the opportunity to sign up for Zero Hunger Day, a "mini" book swap, the official opening of the Thrift Hub, and a small-scale workshop and exhibition promoting the concept of sustainable art - that is, reusing clean waste (such as plastic, cardboard and paper) and using art as a means to connect with different people in society. A larger scale exhibition will be organized on campus in collaboration with Via Kunst, a social project based in Rotterdam that provides art supplies and therapy for the disadvantaged. Stay tuned for this in November, and take the chance to drop by the Thrift Hub for donations and/or a new item of clothing!


With the support of volunteers, we set up a food stall at the OpenEUR Festival which was held on campus. Students could learn on-the-spot how to make the vegan version of the famous Dutch "bitterballen" - unusual to many, but delicious to all! Want to try them yourself? You can follow this simple recipe:


1. Grate vegetables of your choice

2. Add flour, pepper and salt

3. Add spices of your choice

4. Knead into bite-sized balls

5. Deep fry or pan fry until golden brown (on medium heat to make sure the inside is also cooked)

Book Swaps

We organize a series of book swaps on campus to promote the reuse of books, as well as reading for education and leisure. As a less obvious form of sustainability, we help students and staff see the multifaceted benefits of book swapping, where materials and ideas are literally recycled and repurposed for the benefit of another person and our natural resources. By bringing us your old books and swapping them for new ones, free of charge, you can contribute to a culture of sharing goods, promoting knowledge, and cutting down on material waste. We welcome books of all topics and in various languages - in our diverse community, all kinds of matches can be made between people and books! On our online platforms, we will announce the detalls of our next book swapping event in good time. We hope that you pass by and discover what the ever-changing book collection has to offer!

What the Health

We organized an exclusive screening of the upcoming documentary film What The Health. Directed by Kip Andersen, the man who shocked audiences worldwide with Cowspiracy, this film does not shy away from controversy and investigates the ties between diet, chronic diseases, the natural environment and health institutions in the United States. Hosted at the Paviljoen next door to our office, the screening was attended by intrigued students, staff and alumni. They enjoyed a special opportunity to voice their questions and opinions in the subsequent Q&A session, where the director engaged in intense and authentic dialogue with the audience. Bringing our community members "up close and personal" with the director left them with mixed feelings of shock, inspiration and responsibility. What emotions and actions does the film provoke from you? If you were unable to make it to our event, you can now find the film online!

Staircase Challenge

We launched a campaign to make people more conscious of the energy that they consume on a daily basis. Is all of it really necessary? There are small but meaningful choices that we can make that will benefit our health, our costs, and our environment simultaneously - it is just a question of awareness and commitment! To help people see how this can work, we challenged students at Erasmus University to choose staircases over elevators as they made their way through their classrooms, study areas and PC labs. Such a simple choice, when made by many, can truly have an impact. Though the challenge was officially held for a week, the idea is by no means limited by time or place. No matter who you are or where your daily life takes you, opting for staircases makes a positive, self-rewarding difference.

Are you up for the challenge?


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Upcoming Events


Sustainability Panel Discussion

October 24th, 2017


Climate Change Negotiation Simulation

November 1st, 2017

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