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Zero waste challenge


Let's try an experiment all together: Can student life and zero waste be possible at the same time?


We're challenging you to go waste-free for one week. The kick-off will be in collaboration with the EUC and their Plastic Detox event. In our Kick-Off event, Valeria Teloni who has been living zero waste for the last few years, will give some insights and personal tips on her lifestyle. Moreover, students from EUC who will share the experiences of their plastic detox challenge in which they tried to reduce their plastic consumption. On the evening, we will give useful advice on how to achieve a zero-waste lifestyle, and the Erasmus Food Lab will prepare some vegan snacks !


During the week we will keep track of each other's progress on social media and inspire one another.


We are looking forward to seeing you!!!


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Repair Cafe


More information will follow soon!

Down to Earth | Film & discussion


After more than a year running in cinemas, finally screened on campus. Join the 5-year trip of economist Rolf Winters and his family and who it changes their lives and that of many others.


Join our screening of the “Down to Earth” at Erasmus Paviljoen on November 29th! Together with Studium Generale, we are excited to invite you to show you this empowering documentary, which follows a London family breaking away from society and seeking a new perspective on live.

Business economist Rolf Winters and his family go on a 5-year journey to discover the wisdom of the “Earth Keepers.” All they have: a backpack and cameras, no crew or production team. During their trip, the family meets several indigenous communities who still live in harmony with nature, far off from any technologies and modern societies.


Down to earth is more than a film. It is a mirror to humanity, a reflection on our civilised world and a means to remind us of our responsibility for and connection with the earth. It advocates people-powered change towards a better and more sustainable future. The “Earth Keepers” that family Winters/Heinen discovers during their travel teach us that we don’t have to wait for systems or leaders to change the status quo. Instead, we can start initiatives and make a difference ourselves!


To guide you on this path, Frank Oddens and Pieter-Paul van Beek (EUR alumni & ex-CEO of CCS) will lead an interactive discussion about conscious leadership. Both are involved with the documentary Down to Earth, and Frank even got the chance to visit some of the indigenous communities from the documentary on a 7-day trip together with the director


After the discussion panel, we would like to invite you to Café in de Smitse to have a drink with us and talk more about the movie! You’ll also get the chance to ask more questions to Frank Oddens and Pieter-Paul van Beek, as they will probably join us for some drinks!


More information (

Date: Thursday 29 November

Time: 19.30hrs (Doors open: 19.00hrs)

Location: Erasmus Paviljoen, Theatre


Ticket information

Entrance: Free

Registration recommended


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November 22th, 2018


Zero Waste Challenge

November 19th - 25th, 2018


Down to Earth | Film & discussion

November 29th, 2018


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