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Documetary & Dialogue: An Ecology of Mind


Join us for a cosy movie night watching "An Ecology of mind" at the Hub on Wednesday, December 5th.


A few weeks ago, a group of EUR students joined the "Warm Data Lab" hosted by Nora Bateson and organised by Ondernemersvannu in Amsterdam. The event, which was all about system change and transcontextual information that relates the different parts of a system, inspired us so much that we want to share our experiences with you!

"An Ecology of Mind" is a filmic portrait of Nora's father Gregory Bateson, an anthropologist, biologist, and psychotherapist. Bateson believed that, 'The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between the way nature works and the way people think.' Seen through the relationship between father and daughter, this documentary is an invitation into 'systems thinking' and interrelationships in the natural world. 'Looking at what holds systems together is a radical step toward sewing the world back together, from the inside.'


After the film you will have the possibility to stay with us and participate in our first ever Warm Data Lab on Christmas:

What is WarmData? Good question! It is a methodology developed by the Bateson family that creates simultaneous discussions around one central topic. For instance, to have the full picture of “Christmas”, you need to consider its several aspects (e.g. consumption, family, production, religion…). Therefore, we would love it if you can stay a little bit longer and bring your contribution to our discussion about Christmas!


There are a limited number of spots available to join for the documentary, so

make sure to register at:

Christmas Clothing Swap


Everyone! Christmas is approaching fast and it's about time to spread a little Christmas joy to fellow students! What's better than swapping clothes with each other? Tidy up your closet, bring what you don't need anymore and make someone else happy.


On Monday the 10th of December, EURWardrobe (@eurwardrobe on Instagram) will host a clothing swap at Erasmus Sustainability Hub. Erasmus Food Lab will treat us with vegan hot chocolate and cookies to create a real christmassy atmosphere. Besides swapping, you're more than welcome to have chats and enjoy a cosy afternoon together!


Doors open at 17.00 and we'll finish at about 19.00.


// Please note:

▪️ It's important that you sign up via the form above. That way we know how many cookies and hot chocolates to prepare.

▪️ Both men and women are welcome!

▪️ Clothes should be washed and clean and without holes or stains.

▪️ Please bring only what you think others would still like to wear. It's about making each other happy, not dumping clothes.

▪️ Clothes which are left behind, will go to EURWardrobe.

Your favourite sweater has a hole. The front button of your winter coat is missing. Now what? Throw it away? Leave it in the closet until you forget about it? No. We have a better idea!


Please register via the following page:

Upcoming Events


Documetary & Dialogue: An Ecology of Mind

December 5th, 2018


Christmas Clothing Swap

December 10th, 2018



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