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Food Sector: Big Industry vs. Small Makers - Powder on Screen #6 + Q&A with Leendert Wesdorp (colab with Eat Art Collective)



Artisanal, local, handmade and owned by real people, small makers fight with with bigger chains over the consumer dollar. But does it make sense? Can small scale industry live up to our expectations in terms of existence, identity and sustainability? To start with a mixed introduction of the topic, we have selected three opposing pieces of film and invited Leendert Wesdorp for an open conversation afterwards. He is a former vice-president R&D at Unilever and now a consultant for small entrepreneurs. He will share some of his visions and is curious to talk to you too.



Small scale makers have made a massive comeback in certain sectors of processed foods, like bread, beer and meat. Are they here to stay or are they a temporary fad, before consolidating into the new Heinekens and Echte Bakkers? This evening hopes to shine a light on two important questions. 1) Are there economically realistic options for side-by-side existence of big and small scale food industry in the long run? 2) What are the possible impacts of both on a broad definition of sustainability and how does that work out in real life?



We will show a selection of films from three categories, going from artisanal to hackers to corporate.

- We Feed The World (extract). A challenging documentary that zooms in on a.o. fishing and poultry. It shows the balance of power between big industry and smaller ones and the forces that influence their battlefield.

- De Proefkeuken. A children's program where the main characters try to copy industrial produced things from scratch. We see the making of their very own figuurworst (luncheon meat with a smiley face).

- Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. The Sustainable Living Plan is Unilever's tool for internal and external communication about their efforts to combine more profit with a smaller footprint, while increasing social impact. We took some snippets from their social media videos that illustrate their ambitions, restrictions, results and marketing tools.



Leendert Wesdorp combines some personality traits and skills that might seem like polar opposites. He is educated as a chemist that believes technology can serve anyone, provided we know how to use it. He spent 31 years at Unilever in different roles of R&D and management. Yes, he developed a proposal for the cheapest soup ever made from nothing but sugarbeets and additives. At the same time he is a neighborhood pickup-point in the farm-to-table network of Rechtstreex. In 2016 he started his own company Raad & Daad. "Motivated by a vision to help improve people's well-being and leaving a healthy planet to the next generation I am offering my expertise and capabilities in Foods Science and Technology, my specialism in Edible Oils & Fats and in R&D & business strategy development to public and private organizations." We are happy to have Leendert over and curious for his input!


EAT ART collective is screening this work as part of their Powder to the People project. You can read more about it on


Date: 10-01-2019

Doors open: 19:00

Start: 19:30

End: +/- 22.30


Regular: €5,-

Student: €3,-


Location: Erasmus Sustainability Hub, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, directly right of the main entrance

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Sustainability, between theory and practice


The Erasmus Sustainability Hub and Rethinking Economics, warmly invite you to 'An Interdisciplinary Discussion: Sustainability, Between Theory and Practice'.


The IPCC Report, ‘Global Warming of 1.5 Degrees Celsius’, states that all-encompassing changes in every part of society should be implemented in order to mitigate the most detrimental effects of global warming. Companies increasingly implement corporate social responsibility and sustainability departments into their business models. But are these efforts leading towards a world in cohesion with the paradigm of 'green growth of GDP' or are they rather a case for 'greenwashing'? And is 'green growth' possible in itself or should we take on ecology as a directory for the economy? Have we lost the true meaning of sustainability? How to align theory and practice?


These and more questions will be answered during several mini lectures by thinkers from different disciplines. After this, an intensive discussion will take place, in which everyone's inputs and concerns are highly appreciated.


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Food Sector: Big Industry vs. Small Makers

January 10th, 2019


Sustainability, between theory and practice

January 18th, 2019



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