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Vision behind this project


Growing food plays a key role in a wide range of issues around sustainability. By growing food in an ecologically sound way, we can 1. feed humans, while at the same time 2. providing habitat for a wide diversity of life (animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, etc.), 3. capturing carbon, and 4. cycling and filtering water to drinkable quality.


Besides, gardening in a natural way is a fun activity! Not only does it challenge you to tons of observation and experimentation, it also allows you to engage more with fellow students and develop valuable life-skills. Finally, plant-rich environments have beneficial effects on our well-being!


As the Erasmus University is working towards becoming more sustainable, a simple and effective start is by growing food on campus. With an edible campus, both students and staff are not only invited to enjoy locally produced foods, but are also challenged to think and talk about issues around sustainability. By applying sustainable practices on our direct living environment –the campus-


All in all, an edible campus is a great foundation for further developing the sustainability ambitions of the university by actively engaging both students and staff.


The project

Edible EUR started guerrilla style by secretly planting a raised bed vegetable garden on campus (article in Dutch).


Currently, we are growing vegetables on a temporary plot of 400 m2. This Campus Garden is located behind the volleyball fields opposite of the Hatta Building. Every Friday is gardening day! From 11.00 till 15.00 we welcome all students and staff to help us in the gardens. We will also organise workshops around interesting gardening topics. Check out https://www.facebook.com/edibleeur/ for more information and updates!

Let’s grow something delicious together!


Long term goals

The location of this temporary garden is intended for the construction of the new sports centre, so unfortunately, we will have to move in the near future. We are working hard towards getting permanent gardens on campus, and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Furthermore, we strive to have more fruits and edible trees and shrubs on campus, such as sweet chestnuts, walnuts, hazels, currants. We would like to create this community feel on campus, in which we all grow plants together and share their fruits.


Bob is leading this project and he is for sure one of the nicest gardeners you will meet! ;) You can always send him an email if you want to know more about his project. You can also check the facebook page of Edible EUR for upcoming events and news!


Location temporary plot

The Sustainable Development Goals we are contributing to with this project:

Erasmus Sustainability Hub


Burgemeester Oudlaan 50

3062PA Rotterdam

The Netherlands

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