Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals //

The Story Behind the Concept


In 2016, the United Nations launched the Agenda for Sustainable Development, consisting of 17 global goals. These 17 Sustainable Developlment Goals (SDGs) are set to be reached by the year 2030. Unlike the Millennium Goals, which were focused on developing countries, the SDGs call on all governments, corporations, and other organizations to be a part of the 2030 Agenda. Influential institutions like universities play an important role in spreading awareness about the 17 goals. As Erasmus University Rotterdam brings forth tomorrow’s leaders, it holds a responsibility to include the global goals in its education.



In 2014, the Erasmus Sustainability Hub started to incorporate the SDGs as much as possible on campus. With our SDG team, consisting of student volunteers and lead by Ibrahim and Adrian (both part of the Erasmus Sustainability Hub team of 2017/2018), we have been creating events to create awareness about the SDGs. Our aim is make mobilize students and make them active participants of sustainable development. In different ways, we trigger students to use their knowledge and field of study, while making them think about how they want to contribute to achieving the global goals.


Anyone can participate, it’s not about how much you do, but about how you change your mindset, and that of others around you. The SDGs offer the university a convenient framework for promoting sustainable development, and you are more than welcome to join our cause on campus. If you want to know more or become a volunteer for our projects do not hesitate to contact us via and sign up for our newsletter!


So, what are the goals?

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