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Thrift Hub // Second-hand clothing store

The Story Behind the Concept


What do you do with your clothes that are still in good shape, but simply no longer suit your style? Bin them? Let them gather dust?


We welcome them to the Thrift Hub, where they can be repurposed! Not only can you donate your unwanted items - you can pick up new ones and redefine your wardrobe.


The Thrift Hub is an initiative to raise awareness concerning unsustainable clothing consumption, and the enormous potential in second-hand stores. We showcase the possibilities to think sustainably and act responsibly through the establishment of our very own pop-up store, where students can swap their selected items for more attractive alternatives. All clothes are ensured to be of satisfactory quality, and are repaired, washed and presented in a professional setting. The collection consists entirely of donated clothing, and donations from customers are welcomed in exchange for their selected items.


The heart of the project lies in the the re-use of quality goods, and in positively changing public perception regarding second-hand style. We want to open peopleĀ“s minds and wardrobes to new possibilities! An item that is sitting in someoneĀ“s closet corner, unnoticed, may well become a new favorite addition to your personal look. We invite you to pass by our office with your unwanted items on the collection dates, and to browse our collections on the pop-up dates listed below. If you have further questions about the Thrift Hub, do not hesistate to contact Juliette, the project leader.


Opening Times





12:00 - 15:00

The Sustainable Development Goals we are contributing to with this project:

Erasmus Sustainability Hub


Burgemeester Oudlaan 50

3062PA Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Upcoming Events


Sustainability Panel Discussion

October 24th, 2017


Climate Change Negotiation Simulation

November 1st, 2017

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