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Esmee Tanis

I am currently doing the double degree BCs2 in Economics and Econometrics. Although the study suites me perfectly it remains rather theoretical and I felt the urge to really do something and make an impact. My passion for sustainability has grown over the past years so joining the ESH was the perfect opportunity for me!

As Internal Manager within the ESH I will be mainly responsible for the organizational factors, the team & community. I am super motivated to make this an amazing and impactful year with all of you and I hope that we can let the sustainable community on campus grow! Let’s make a change together!



Indra Lancien

After the completion of my business administration bachelor, I am now directing myself in the field of sustainability. This year, my master in Global Business and Sustainability combined with my position at the Hub will help me grow in this area, as well as putting my knowledge into action in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the campus!

In the Hub, I will be responsible for the organization of Erasmus Sustainability Days, where three days are dedicated to engaging and inspiring students who are interested in gaining knowledge in sustainability, and be part of the change. I am very excited to contribute to the Hub’s development this year, and I hope to fulfill this challenge!


I’m studying Management of International Social Challenges here at Erasmus University. In my opinion sustainability is at the core to solving many of these issues. The world has a plastic problem, which we all contribute to! As waste manager and member of the Post Plastic Generation I hope to mitigate the impact of our university and achieve a higher level of awareness among students.


As Food Manager I am involved with sustainable food consumption choices, which combines the activities of the Erasmus Foodlab, the EUR Garden and Fair Trade initiative. I hope many students will be inspired to take the extra step and reconsider their choices when taking part in any of our event.

Anaëlle Perrin Max Dörr


























Lena Bäunker














The moment I got truly concerned with sustainability and started questioning my own consumption behaviour for the first time was in spring 2015, when I was travelling China. My friends and I were visiting a beautiful mountain region south of Shanghai but were shocked when we saw the enormous landfills at its rear side. Especially the sight of piles and piles of clothes struck me the most because I’ve always been passionate about fashion and my wardrobe was bursting at all seams. Ever since, I’m trying to learn more about the environmental impact of the clothing industry and to consume more consciously.

At the Hub, I will be responsible as the inventory manager for EURWardrobe, a second-hand clothing store by and for students. With my background in PR and my studies of communication and media, I hope to raise awareness for the need for more sustainability in fashion (and beyond) among students and to excite them to become part of the change!


Upcoming Events


Food Sector: Big Industry vs. Small Makers

January 10th, 2019


Sustainability, between theory and practice

January 18th, 2019


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