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Naomi Boterenbrood


As a business student I am intrigued by how sustainability can revolutionize business models and shape our lifestyles. I believe that organizations are the most vital pivot for the shift to sustainable economies, enabling us to tackle the social and environmental issues that we face at a community or global scale. At the Hub, I work with an enthusiastic team that integrates sustainable concepts and practices into our university community. As the internal manager I have the privilege of working closely with each team member and enjoy nurturing ideas into meaningful action.

Zara Doyle Cunningham


After completion of an internship during the fall of 2016 I realised how much power media and PR can influence people’s perceptions and decisions, and I want to educate people on different sustainable initiatives, to spark an idea, or to potentially change someone's mind about sustainability. I wanted to contribute to our community here at Erasmus where there are so many potential managers whom will be in positions to make decisions that will affect sustainable initiatives, and when I learned about the hub through a friend, I started volunteering and one thing lead to the next and now I'm here as the Hub's communications coordinator! I am very excited to become part of the Hub's team, and I'm looking forward to promoting sustainable initiatives on the campus.

Juliette Schaffrath
















'm currently doing my Bachelor in Management of International Social Challenges and the Hub fits my study objectives perfectly! I got to know about the ESH by a lucky chance, when I passed by on a sunny day to inform myself about their current projects. As a team member now I pursue my passion project of establishing a sustainable second hand store on campus. I will take care of everything related to sustainable clothes management this year.

Jamila Posthuma


I’m currently studying business administration and law, and I found out about the hub because I was specifically looking to do something sustainability related at the university. On the website I read about the different projects, which really spoke to me. After being involved as a volunteer in some of the projects I'm thrilled to now be part of the hub team as an operations manager together with Rowan! My biggest project so far has been working on creating the Erasmus Food Lab which will be open by the end of 2017.

Rowan Soumahu


My name is Rowan and I study criminology and law but that is not my only interest. Two of my friends have worked at the hub and that’s how I got to know about it. Sustainability is something I’m very interested especially in the well being of animals in and that’s why I applied to be part of the Erasmus Sustainability Hub team. I am currently responsible for operations, which allows me to take care of the different projects at the hub. My biggest project so far has been the bee project. I have to make sure that there is a bee palace on campus by the end of 2017.

Adrian Moredia


For years, my fields of studies have been sustainable architecture and urban development. I became interested in the hub due to their mission to achieve sustainability at the campus, for which my participation is committed on raising awareness, and to incorporate actions in the scope of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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